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so, what I am trying to say is that if your application is dotnet 2.0 and can be opened with vs 2005 then maybe by setting this compilation parameter to x64, you compile and try again your installation. Will my 32-bit OS users still be able to install the application if I upgrade it as you say?


by the way, when you upgrade your application, you have to set the "target cpu".

The reason for C# is that I want to train myself to program in C# with a familiar application... Thank you in advance for your help, Al On Build Tab *See Plateform Target:* by default Value is Any CPU Select *x86 **Save *and *Build *the Application and ur application will work on both 32 & 64 bit OS. Thanks, I think a good move will be to upgrade your application to dotnet 4.0 with 64-bits platform.

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The best way to go is make test in both computers and you will see the pro and cons, sorry there is not cook receipt for this.

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