Xpic dating service

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Don’t: Use a photo with your ex cropped out of the shot The biggest mistake, of course, is using photos with your ex cropped out.

If you’re doing this, I’d recommend you drop everything you’re doing right now and go and switch it for another one. Don’t: Use a photo with a messy background As a photographer, I like a nice clean background of course, but for dating photos it’s really crucial because the main focus of the photo needs to be you, not the messy bedroom or living room behind you.

Do: Head outdoors and find the light To get good-quality, bright, well-lit photos, your best bet is to head outdoors.

The quality of the photo will improve dramatically, and natural light is super flattering.

I know that photo of you halfway up a mountain shows that you’re athletic, but if people can’t see your face, they’ll most likely pass you over in favour of profiles where the face is clearly displayed.

Xpic dating service

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