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by  |  15-Nov-2016 08:16

I suggest you use the official kodi forum ( to figure out if it's safe to use them. As it is clearly explained in the Wiki OSMC is the operating system that runs Kodi.

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Well I have to say I was a bit surprised by your explanation considering that you normally show quite a good understanding of OSMC on your replies on the forum and the support you have given to the community.

"on top of Kodi" is obviously either a wrong wording you have used or just a confusion on your side.

What i mean by illegal is repos that have plugins that share Hollywood movies with a click of a button.

Unfortunately i cant give you any names..because we all live in the school of Hogwarts, and Lord Voldemort's name shall not be spoken of here but you can check on youtube about that. The vanilla OSMC/Kodi/Openelec/whatever distro you got install, is basically crap when it comes to variety.

I can go in Videos and then Video Add-ons, then if I go in Get More, and go back (selecting .. These are called Video Addons and usually through the SYSTEM-Install from zip, to install it. Some, like Services Addons, add different functions to your Kodi system....

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