dating palm services springs - Who is dating ray j

by  |  03-Feb-2017 13:19

She married the NBA player last year, spent millions, and made millions from the wedding. We're not sure where Kim's head is - maybe it really is all about money for her!

It's been months and months since the two split, but Kim is too busy making that dough via her reality shows, clothing line, the sex tape, and various other ventures.

When asked if he talks to God, Ray J replied, "Yeah, I do.""I've been in a state of wildness and craziness in a rap, rockstar life before.

I've had my fun and I'm blessed to be able to make it out of that life safe," he told CBN last year.

If you look at all my posts it's 'God is good.' I thank God before I ask God to do something for me.

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