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“Oh, it hurt me,” the 26-year-old singer-actress says in an interview in the March issue of Elle magazine, on newsstands Feb. She made that decision, she says, after watching the 2004 romance “The Notebook” on a plane ride home to Texas.

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"That's how I started, and that's one of my biggest passions in the world.

Jessica Simpson has been candid about how hard she's worked to keep her body in tip top shape—and she's not shy about showing off the results.

The album sold over four million copies worldwide, and spawned the top three hit "I Wanna Love You Forever" (1999).

Hoping to achieve further success with her second album, Simpson adopted a more mature image for the release of Irresistible (2001).

"By the end of the evening, I didn’t see one person he hadn’t humped the leg of or was on the floor wrestling with.” While Andre maintained he and Joe were “just having fun and drinking vodka,” he did express slight remorse about the situation he created for Jess and Ashlee’s dad with the pics. The first rumors about the Simpson patriarch’s sexuality flew when he was spotted photographing model Jonathan Keith on the beach in Miami. “It’s beyond upsetting for Jessica that this is happening,” the source said.

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