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In late January Turner attended the National Television Awards where the Poldark star dodged a question about becoming the next Bond. ”He was then asked if he would like to be Bond, before shaking his head – which presumably meant he couldn’t talk about it – and then walking away from the reporter.Avoiding eye contact, Turner looked a little shifty, as though he was hiding something. A few weeks later Elba caused a stir in a Valentine’s Day video where he gets dating advice from kids.

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Could all these actors be screen testing to start filming this summer?

The evidence certainly suggests something is going on, but fans will have to wait until an official announcement is made by MGM.

He said: “When you’re playing the character, you don’t think, ‘I look really hot in this scene...’ “If I was wearing a shirt in the middle of the summer doing that kind of manual work, that for me would have been odd.

Turner said: “The whole thing is a bit preposterous, it’s kind of nuts, you know; I got a little bit overwhelmed… It’s a strange experience to have that happen.” But fans have been warned not to expect another topless Turner scene, because filming for the new 10-part series began last September.

Turner's agent did not wish to comment on reports of his engagement.

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