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They have won five nominations for the Brits, the mainstream awards the Brats mimic, and next week they will beyond doubt win most of those categories.

The Verve's invitation to No 10 is almost certainly already in the post.

The music press now began to hear the distant sound of Britpop's death knell.

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The best musicians come from the North, Ashcroft has said, "because there's fuck all else to do".

To Ashcroft, the son of an unemployed builder and a hairdresser, articulacy and individuality developed early on with the death of his father, when he was 11.

As a portrait of Richard Ashcroft, the band's lead singer, Cast No Shadow is near-perfect, a vampiric sketch of a man so thin and narcotically handsome that his cheekbones have been described as "dug out with a junkie's spoon".

But by the time it appeared on Oasis's (What's The Story) Morning Glory in 1995, written by Gallagher about his friend, The Verve had disbanded and their shadow was already fading.

"Bittersweet Symphony", a string-swept orchestral landscape overlaid with an elegaic vocal and a Rolling Stones sample (which has ultimately cost them all royalties, so hard did the Stones' lawyers fight them), swiftly went to No.2 in the charts; then the pensive "The Drugs Don't Work", to number one.

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