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A day would be represented by any of the following lines: $TTL 86400 $TTL 1440m $TTL 24h $TTL 1d The SOA section is an intimidating chunk of code for the uninitiated, but each field in the SOA has a meaningful purpose and taken a piece at a time, it is simple.The SOA starts with the zone's primary domain name (we'll use in this recipe), the class of the zone (IN), SOA, and the following seven fields in order: MNAME The master dns server for the zone (for example ns1.).In a chroot enviroment, BIND9 has access to all the files and hardware devices it needs, but is unable to access anything it should not need.

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There are two main options to BIND9 logging the channel option configures where logs go, and the category option determines what to log.

A zone file holds the DNS resource records for all of the domain names associated with the zone.

The longer this period, the longer it will take to propagate changes to the zone files.

The shorter the TTL, the harder your DNS servers will work beacuse beacuse non-authoritative servers will have to ask it the same question more frequently. An integer TTL value is interpreted as seconds, although for those of us who are not walking calculators, adding m at the end means minutes, h hours, d days, and w weeks.

The zone file needs to be created within the DNS server's working directory.

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