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Subsequent runs will be faster, as only changed Portfiles need to be indexed again.The standard build environment in MS Windows is MS Visual Studio 2005.For more information on building and debugging with VS2005, see Working with MS Visual Studio 2005.

Friday, 02 February 2007 • Permalink Update for Leopard Users: The Ruby on Rails for Leopard installation instructions can be found here.

This article is a major update to the older (but tried-and-true) post, Building Ruby, Rails, Light TPD, and My SQL on Tiger.

We know what’s installed and where, what version we’ve used, where it came from, and there’s no dependence on an external ports system and the breakage or issues that come from relying on others to manage our software.

These issues and additional background information about one might roll their own tools in this fashion are detailed in the article, Using /usr/local/, which could be considered a prerequisite for this task.

Both Ruby, Rails, and their underlying infrastructure have come a long way in recent months, and this article will get you to a leaner, meaner Rails install in less time using fewer steps.

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