Updating old mame roms

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I read that some ROMS won't work with updates of MAME32, so I have tried to download multiple versions of MAME32 and I am starting to get confused.I did also download clrmamepro, but I am not sure what I am doing.Mod projects - XBOX Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 - online quests in offline mode packs [COMPLETE] [Quest Packs Collection] GTA San Andreas - Hot Coffee [COMPLETE] [Mod ready] & [Full ISO ready] GTA San Andreas - Real Car Names extra content mod [WIP] [Back burner, just won't have the time ] Please can all ESR users post your results here to help with the project and others wanting to use ESR Ok. So here's the process I've been following and everything looks good...

3) Added the 0.139 update folder to the add-on path 4) Did a Diff scan, fix all errors 5) Rebuilt using add-on path 6) Rebuilt using backup path (doesn't do much, I think it does this in step 5) 7) Use scanner, using the 'Scan'.

Repeat for each update starting at #2, #3 I remove the old update path and add the new update's path. I only scanned with 0.149, there is no point in scanning with 0.144 or any other lower dat I got everything from 0.138 to 0.149 extracted the sets/updates to there own folders inside another folder Sum it up I had the folder I downloaded all the updates to including the 0.138 set up to the 0.149 update then I had a Fix folder that had a sub folder for each Set/update I used Clr Mame Pro to Rebuild from the Fix folder, I have 0 roms missing from the 0.149 set P. Mame 0.150 has only just come out, but I am scanning my 0.149 roms now with it out of interest and see what I am missing, lots of renamed files and slight changes to the sets by the looks of it. Well, I think we got a good thread for others to learn from, my original source just must have been flawed.

A number of systems in Mame also require a bios rom, non of the games on a particular hardware set that requires a bios will work without the bios rom in the rom folder, for example all Neo Geo games require the rom to be present in the Mame/roms folder for any of them to work. Lots of arcade games had multiple versions and revisions released, what mame does is use a single rom (the parent) that contains all the common data and all the other versions of that game (clones) just contain the small amounts of variable data.

You must have the parent rom for any given game in order for all the other versions to work.

I decided to start with setting up the computer and getting all the ROMS.

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