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by  |  28-Sep-2017 17:38

A wealth of ports, tool-less access and player-focused innovation let you upgrade and modify as you see fit.Each of our desktops are incredibly intuitive, so nothing stands between you and the game.Checking Samsung’s support pages, even laptops from a year or two ago still only have driver packages certified for Windows 8.1.

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Ever since Windows 10 started hitting PCs, Samsung owners have been complaining that vital pieces of hardware don’t work properly (or at all) after the update.

Attempts to find updated drivers on Samsung’s site have been fruitless.

The thing is, I can’t figure out who this is for other than those who are on old machines.

Myself, and everyone else, seems to be wondering what, exactly, is the selling point of this upgrade.

But, even though what I saw was interesting, it really feels like Apple has lost its way.

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