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I mean you use bats in baseball.” ‘And naming a cat ‘baseball’ is a bit harsh’, he mumbled to himself. The next thing he saw was a truck colliding with his brother and blood. And when the initial shock wore off to the extent he could hear again, he heard the screams and calls for an ambulance. ‘It was his throwing hand too’, Ichimatsu found himself chocking. Ichimatsu wiped the blood off his brother’s brow before it could get into his eyes. It calmed the brothers down a bit as they all sat around the lonely bed. Now sit down, give me my food and tell me how the things are at home. ” Ichimatsu is greeted by Jyushi’s doctor when he arrives to the room.

Updating details of sextruplets dad

It had been a stomach bug, and had lasted for five days straight. It’s night there now, though”, Ichimatsu simply stated, hoping the simple answer would make his brother shut up. At that exact moment a black cat, obviously a stray, wandered from the bushes straight to the brothers’ path. Jyushi dug around the grocery store’s cheap plastic bag for a good minute before triumphantly raising a bag or treats hight above his head. When they finally arrived to the hospital, Jyushimatsu was wheeled off into an operating room. He’d have to answer after looking at the caller ID. They all stopped in front of the plain, boring door.

It mewled in hunger and rubbed its sleek body against Ichi’s leg. ‘It wasn’t like he had found the rarest item on some stupid RPG game or something. ’ Ichimatsu thought to himself but accepted the offered bag. I told you to stay awake”, Ichimatsu told his brother strictly. A doctor, a kind looking elderly man, came to Ichimatsu and told him all he could do was to wait and call any relatives. Would they want to see the damage done to their brother?

There was bullying, bad scores and stupid club activities no one was interested in. It was usually either Ichimatsu or Jyushimatsu the friends ended up hating. They had planned to have one all the same, win or not. He’d tell how he hit the ball over the fence and how he made it to the base at the last second. His brothers would tell him about it saying, ‘Lazy eye’, anytime it happened without the owner of the eye realizing. He felt like he was really close to his big brother that time. “I’ll look for cool designs”, he told his brother and swiped his smartphone open, “Ah, this one looks cool! You can decide whether you like it or not.” The duo continued with their mission of finding the perfect design for an eye patch for the rest of the night. It jumped on Jyushi’s bed, circled around exactly 540 degrees and lied down on the patient’s feet. The oldest brother was laughing his ass off as he watched the performance. He was of course lying but he thought that the terrifying news might help his brother wake up. We all know he had searched through every single paper for ads before finding us our jobs.” Osomatsu giggled, “Yeah, and Totty took the extra shifts. She greeted Osomatsu, checked his brother’s vitals and wrote the information down before leaving. He didn’t even ask any questions about his brother’s condition. He actually talked with his coworkers and managed to make a deal with them. Please.” When Ichimatsu opens the door the following morning he almost trips. ” Ichimatsu roars as he shakes his slumbering brother. I introduced them last night.” If human flesh could boil, Ichimatsu would be steaming, “Take your girls and leave”, he said with a low voice. Before closing the door behind him, Osomatsu turned to his brother, “Tell Jyushi about your new job. “Hmph, what an idiot”, Ichimatsu muttered under his breath as he sat down on the plastic chair once again. It’s a nice day out.” While Ichimatsu stayed in the hospital for yet another day, Osomatsu decided he’d vacuum the house.

The other couldn’t care less and the other didn’t really understand the mean words. But Totty wasn’t having any of it, “Jyushi, does it hurt? The injury didn’t bother their brother, so there was really no reason to cancel anything. Now that he was in the same hospital once again, everything came back. Totty only noticed the time when Osomatsu send him a message asking how everything had been and that Ichi was on his way. “He’d be super happy to see you doing well.” A meow. Be patient.” The three of them, well, two, shared thoughts for the rest of the day. It was a great idea to bring together these two natural enemies. He told Jyushi how he had seen the biggest kabuto beetle ever on the way to the hospital. He believed he had heard everything topical from Ichimatsu. When looking for what the thing was, he saw a magazine. Porn, fucking, magazines on his little brother’s hospital room’s floor. Everyone else was somewhere doing something useful. And what would be more useful than cleaning in a household of eight. She was a kind-looking, grey haired lady who was holding a bag of what must have been full of pastries.

They had challenged the local champions to a match. “You’re gonna look like a panda after this”, Choromatsu said, trying to lighten up the mood. Osomatsu sneaked next to his sleeping brother and shook him, “Come on Ichi. You can sleep back home on a comfortable bed.” “Hm”, Ichimatsu mumbled, “It’s nice here.” “Don’t worry brother. I wonder if he’s not home”, the granny told Osomatsu. The old lady focused her eyes on Osomatsu’s face, “Now that you mention it. “Quit with the formalities young man, they’re quite dull. I hope you don’t mind too much”, she told Jyushi as she stepped into her small kitchen to prepare something for the both of them. He had, not one but two, dusters in his other hand and in other he was holding an old plastic cage used to keep bugs in after capturing them. ” she wasn’t even mad that her quest had apparently gone through each one of her cupboards in search of the dusters despite her clear instructions, “Yes, I used to love collecting them. So that I could identify each little critter.” Jyushi’s eyes were sparkling, “Really?! There will be no bugs out in this weather.” It was like a light bulb had been lit, “Of course! ” Jyushi cheered with a mouth full of one of Granny’s pastries. I was thinking I could bake you something for tomorrow.” “Hmmmm”, Jyushi was deep in thought for a couple of minutes, “Nope! We don’t get to eat that many pastries at home so I wouldn’t really know what is my favorite.” “That is a problem… ” Jyushi’s eyes looked like stars and he was drooling all over. You’re going to help me clean up my house after all! The clock only read eight o’clock but Granny couldn’t have cared less. Jyushi helped her get the shop ready for the day by carrying all kinds of different baked goods to the display.

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