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I noticed that she had her right hand up under Henry's shirt, and was actively feeling out and massaging his chest.And by the time that we all arrived at the La Quinta hotel parking lot, Henry's groping hand had worked its way up under the front part of Sally's dress.He even had a British-sounding accent to his voice. You two just sit in the back seat, and enjoy yourselves--at least, 'til we get to the hotel room, that is." "Are you sure you're okay with all this? "Of course I am," I said, "It was pretty much all him that," Sally chided me strongly.

On the other hand, our 13-year-old daughter, Jordan, had turned out looking quite different from her brother--to the point where the two of them really didn't look like brother and sister at all. And most-notably, Jordan was lacking that characteristic, thin-bridged, European-style "ski nose" that the rest of her immediate family members--including myself--all possessed. Don't put this all off on that you've always fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with a black guy, remember? " Sally remarked, talking another sip of her drink. Not while you're on The Pill." Sally just quietly sat there, and gave me a blank stare. You ." "Well, tonight I'm gonna do my best to find you a big black dick to fuck. She had no intention of waiting for me to try to set her up with a black guy. She was bound and determined to negotiate that deal, all on her own.

You told me that you'd never gotten the chance to live out your fantasy, because you and I met and fell in love, while you were still in high school. "So are you actually gonna jack off, while you're watchin' me and the black guy 'go at it'? What else would a good cuckold do in that situation? ' Cuz I want you to cum your ass off, while you're watching me get knocked up by a black dude." "What the hell are you talkin' about, Sally? In other words, she was hell-bent on picking black guy she wanted to fuck.

It'll be fun," I insisted, sitting there in that dingy neighborhood bar, in the not-so-nice part of town. And I automatically compared Sally's piercing, sky-blue eyes to those of our 9-year-old son, Jacob, who was named after his grandfather. But please don't take this the wrong way, Carl. And then she slowly and tentatively made her way across the room to the far end of the bar, as she was approaching a young black man who was sitting on a bar stool, right next to his Hispanic friend.

And that was exactly what she was doing to me right now. "It is," Sally agreed with me, and then added, "Well, here goes nothing..." before she slammed her empty drink glass down onto the tabletop.

I'm gonna make sure that you and I are together until the day I die. This time, I noticed that this voice had a very thick Hispanic accent to it. And at that moment, I was thankful that her plain white panties had a wide, full-coverage crotch panel.

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