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It was a sentiment that obviously resonated with a lot of people; the song was the Jackson 5's most successful single ever. Stevie Wonder, "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" (1973) Stevie's voice isn't even the first you hear on this track, and his delayed entry sees him descend into the song like the supreme arbiter of all things romantic.

As his voice soars above the sweetly layered backing vocals, you start to think that's a role he was born to play.

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Buzzcocks, "Love You More" (1978) From a band normally concerned with heartache comes this excited little gem, which (admittedly) doesn't quite shake the angst ("I've been hurt so many times before").

For all its delicious harmonies and early-punk exuberance, it's also a sharp picture of that shaky, "Oh, shit, Listen: Buzzcocks, "Love You More" 18.

Lou Reed, "Perfect Day" (1972) Some people think this song is about heroin.

And while that's certainly a possibility given the singer, I prefer to see it as a sweetly restrained ode to that one glowing day with someone you love: time is fleeting, but we'll always have that day at the zoo.

Beyond just the lyrics, the sweet legato notes make it hard not to sway my head and wish that Clapton was singing this tune to me. Al Green, "Let's Stay Together" (1971) Is there any better intro to a song in all of soul music?

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