Suzy miss a dating

by  |  04-Feb-2017 15:34

Meanwhile, many reports emerged that Min Ho and Suzy Bae will tie the knot after the former's military enlistment in 2019. Rumours that Min Ho and Suzy are in a romantic relationship started after Korean media outlet Dispatch, published pictures of them spending time together in London.

The photos in the book contain several images taken while he was filming his MBC TV documentary called "DMZ: The Wild.""The photo book includes images of Lee's decision to join the documentary project alongside his active participation in the production," the company said in a statement.

South Korean actress/singer Suzy Bae has sparked reports that she is engaged to South Korean actor/singer Lee Min Ho.

I swear to god, Dispatch will unearth all these secrets no matter where these celebrities go to secretly date.

Just hours after the photos and the rumor went viral, both Star Haus and JYP (entertainment agencies managing Lee and Bae, respectively) confirmed that the two stars have indeed been dating for the past month.

However, other reports claim that the 30-year-old actor may still have his hands full after his military enlistment due to the rumored plans for "The Heir 2" with co-star Park Shin Hye.

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