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“It was very clear that she loved design and wanted to put everything she has into it.” Two weeks after Walsh’s email, she and Sagmeister began working together. And Walsh says it was an incredible experience and she learned a lot—but she was then ready to open her own studio. Walsh was 25 at the time, and the design web broke with admiration, jealousy, misogyny, speculation about a relationship between the partners, and everything in between.

Instead, Sagmeister and Walsh negotiated for about six months before announcing an official partnership and creating a studio that would become known for some of the most beautiful and cutting-edge work around. But no matter how anyone feels about it: It was effective, just as Sagmeister’s original postcard was. “When it first launched and a lot of people didn’t know who I was—and of course Stefan is such an established person in the community—I can understand and empathize with why people were like, ‘Wait, why is this 25 year old girl naked? I can certainly see why people thought the things that they thought or stuff like that. And in fact, it’s been so freeing.” This is where a different Jessica Walsh emerges.

“I still think I’m an introvert at heart, but it’s definitely evolved a lot. In the speaking department, there’s always the power of repetition.

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Sagmeister & Walsh are sometimes criticized by graphic designers for essentially making commercial art into fine art.

The reasons behind that criticism are another article entirely their own, but after a few years of doing only commercial work constantly, Walsh was feeling stifled. So she promised herself she would spend between 25 and 50 percent of her time on more personal work to balance things out.

These are the things they do not teach you in design school.

Walsh was a very shy and anxious person at the time, and was naturally overwhelmed—because suddenly, she says, people expected things from her.

The site went viral, and led to appearances on the “Today” show and “The View,” the sale of the film rights to Warner Bros., and a print book released earlier this year.“What I learned is that a lot of designers like to keep design in this box of what design is, and anyone who tries to do something outside of that box, it’s really easy to critique them.

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