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When you roll over in the middle of the night, hoping to find something to snuggle with, and only find an empty bed, your heart will hurt.

It’s a couple set – and we still use them today (even though we’re married and living together, which is kind of silly) You need to get used to sleeping alone.

I’ve had friends who have only done long distance for a couple months, but during the long-distance they give up opportunities so they can stay together. I had a friend who was dating her boyfriend from back home. I had friends who gave up their top choice of school because it was out of the country; they gave up internship opportunities because they wanted to go home during summer break and see their girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with giving up opportunities for your significant other. [For more, check out: Don’t Blame the Distance – 6 Tips for Skyping During a Long Distance Relationship] You can’t be afraid to voice your fears to your significant other. It is awkward, uncomfortable, and difficult for both parties.

Another guy at school asked her on a date; she turned him down. She went back to the first guy (apparently she really liked him) – but he was with someone else now. However, you need to figure out when it is “worth it” and when it is not. If you are jealous or worried, you need to be able to tell them that. However, if you can’t trust/respect them enough to give it to them straight, why are you in a long distance relationship? I’m not talking about the mental cost, I’m talking about the simple monetary cost of a long distance relationship.

One of them was in the wake of a family accident, another was when I got stranded at the train station with no money and no way to get back home, another was when my bike got sideswiped by a car. I called furiously, crying, and wasn’t able to reach him.

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