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Over beer and food at the speakers' dinner, we talked about many things and then he spoke about Conway's Law, which states, roughly, that the things an organization produces will reflect how the organization communicates.

The next morning I listened to the also quietly brilliant Joe Armstrong explaining the principles of Erlang.

The IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, Recognizing the need to coordinate research on polar bear populations shared by more than one jurisdiction (Article VII); and, Recognizing the benefits to polar bear research and management already derived from cooperative efforts and the sharing of information (Article VII); and, Recognizing that recent cooperative management initiatives begun in some jurisdictions, also have shown promise to enhance effectiveness of management efforts; therefore Concludes that development of sound conservation practices for shared populations requires systematic cooperation, including use of jointly collected research and management information to develop cooperative management agreements.

[To top] The IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, Recognizing that the "Resolution on special protection measures" appended to the 1973 Agreement for the Conservation of Polar Bears urges a complete ban on hunting females with cubs; Recognizing the requirement for sound conservation measures identified in the Agreement for the Conservation of Polar Bears; and, Recognizing that the polar bear is a significant cultural, nutritional, and economic resource for local subsistence users; and, Recognizing that adult females have relatively greater reproductive value compared to other sex and age groups; and, Acknowledging that harvest management practices that accommodate the occasional take of dependent young for cultural reasons are consistent with sound conservation practices so long as the mother continues to be protected; therefore, Recommends special protection for adult females and emphasizes that harvest management practices that select for males and young animals may aid in offering protection for adult females.

If you want to learn what that is, go buy this book," and I showed the O'Reilly book that the lovely Josette Garcia — at the O'Reilly table in the main hall — had loaned me. As for my talk, I delivered it rapidly and with few questions, as we were running late. I've expanded and reordered my actual presentation. To start with, I'll classify successful large systems into two distinct and mutually incompatible types. It is largely synchronous, homogeneous, expensive, inefficient, stupid in the technical sense (it makes large mistakes based on poor understanding of reality).

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