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Season: 4Placed: 9th EVERYONE ON SEASON 4 WENT HOME BECAUSE OF THEIR LIBIDOS. Dana was in the Elite 8, an alliance that wanted to get rid of all the exes in the house during the X-Factor season.

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Season: 1Placed: Last Season one of Big Brother is a thing to behold.

I'd never seen it, so I had to watch it all before this ranking and I can now see why the show got a makeover that started in season 2, but was fully in effect by season 3.

Because women ALWAYS feel safe telling a man they don't want him sexually harassing them, and NEVER feel like he might retaliate, right?

Luckily, after his blowout with Eric, Michael got booted from the house and he never got the chance to turn into a Caleb Reynolds (you'll see).

I do feel bad for her, however, because she had no idea none of the other houseguests liked her until she had a big blow-up with Diane. ) would've been plastered on every entertainment website that summer if it were the case.

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