Salsa speed dating

by  |  01-Feb-2017 22:40

It's a lot like speed dating with one catch – no talking is allowed.

People split into pairs and look into each others eyes for three minutes; then switch partners and stare again until everyone has gazed into the eyes of about 10 people.

Recently, in a East Village bar, 32 strangers stared silently into each others eyes. As I sat gazing into his eyes, I could only rely on the slightest facial expression or shift in body language to gauge what he was thinking. Looking across the candlelit table in the warm, red room with a painting of nudes drinking wine behind us, I wondered why he came here tonight. I won't ever know, because I never said a word to him.

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We will send you an invite once we create a new event for you and that way, you will never miss an opportunity.

There are hundreds of bars packed with singles trying to chat up potential mates in New York City.

"It attracts people confident enough to be looked at and look at someone."Linda Minami, an administrative partner in a finance firm, was a little nervous; but she said checking out the crowd beforehand helped.

"I was expecting enormous pools of eyes and to get caught in some Svengali stare," she said.

Even a Speed Dating event is more natural than meeting someone online.

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