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Aside from the negative implications of a managerial relationship between two lovebirds, Steve Albrecht, an HR and security consulting professional, said co-workers don't like to see kissing at the water cooler or baby talk between two adults.

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Recently, some employers have required employees to execute an agreement (a "love contract") where employees waive rights to a sexual harassment claim stemming from the consensual office relationship.

"While this agreement may be effective in controlling liability, there is a negative impact on morale and culture given the workplace interference with personal conduct," Starkman said.

We spoke with HR experts about how to best approach the issue of dating in the workplace.

There are a lot of risks involved with in-office relationships regarding the image and morale of your company.

The rules exist to avoid any messiness that might arise when the relationship ends, when one of you gets promoted, or if one of you has access to information that should not be shared, especially if it might benefit your partner unfairly." The next step should be for each employee involved in the relationship to determine what his or her motives are.

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