Restart windows 8 without updating

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With the release of Windows ME in 2000, Microsoft introduced Automatic Updates as a replacement for the Critical Update Notification tool.Unlike its predecessor, Automatic Updates includes the ability to download and install updates without using a web browser.

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The report, which was the first to contain extensive details of how the Windows Update communication protocol worked, also discovered that the make and model of the computer, the amount of free disk space, and the Windows product key, were sent.

Shortly after the release of Windows 98, Microsoft released a Critical Update Notification Tool (later called Critical Update Notification Utility) through Windows Update, which installed a background tool on the user's computer that checked the Windows Update web site on a regular schedule for new updates that have been marked as "Critical".

In order for the v3 Active X control to determine what updates were needed, the entire list of available software on Windows Update was downloaded to the user's computer when they visited the Windows Update web site.

As the number of updates offered by Windows Update grew, this resulted in performance concerns.

Enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs.

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