Recessed lighting and updating

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Three, a light bulb which, obviously, provides the illumination.They can be halogens, fluorescents, traditional incandescents, or even replacement LED lamps.For smaller low voltage recessed ceiling fixtures (miniature, 2-inch, 3-inch, and some 4-inch) the most likely light source choices are LED or MR halogen.

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For example, a good tip when installing recessed lighting in a kitchen is to place some, or all of them, directly over the counter. If you do, then most likely you are from Canada, eh. Wondering what your recessed lighting layout should look like? For general lighting applications a good rule of thumb is to space recessed ceiling light fixtures a distance that is equal to about half the ceiling height.

This way the can is illuminating not only the entire kitchen but also providing direct light over the counter where a lot of kitchen-related tasks are performed (e.g., cutting, chopping, cleaning, etc.). Others also call them can lights, downlights, and high hat lighting. For example, if a room has an 8-foot ceiling, you should probably space the lights about four feet apart.

However, this does not mean that the smaller sizes are not popular.

For example, one of our employees has both 6-inch and 4-inch ceiling recessed lighting in their home.

Speaking of LED, the last couple of years has seen the introduction of a wide assortment of high-quality LED recessed lights and LED retrofit modules.

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