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While Sohail agreed, Arbaaz tried to stay in denial. When father Salim Khan said ‘Beta duniya mein ek Salman Khan hai.” Salman accepted that he was scared of his father because Salim Khan used to hit him till very late.

Sohail said that once Salim told him “Beta duniya mein ek Salman Khan hai.

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It makes you so scared that you feel blessed that you are sitting on the other side of the screen.

A good thriller makes you root for the main character when you feel they are about to do something that is foolish and the consequences are going to be bad. GTg0E44FZ — Star World (@Star World India) December 6, 2016 Sohail signed off saying the three of them are 1-0-0, pointing at Salman (1), himself (0) and Arbaaz (0).

Jacqueline Fernandez gives a shout out to Salman Khan for Tiger Zinda Hai After Aryan's selfie, SRK reveals his vices!

He instead said “I’m not the nicest guy.” Arbaaz added “because he was good to other people at that time”.

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