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So today, I want to know from Natural News readers: What do YOU want me to test next?

Louis, the Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Strawberries and Cream) sample tested at the lab contains an astonishing 1,327.1 ppb (parts per billion) of glyphosate weed killer.

The test results, achieved via...4/15/2016 - A new study found that certain pesticides and fungicides cause neurodegeneration in brain cells similar to the effects of autism and Alzheimer's – findings that suggest a link between the use of these chemicals and the skyrocketing rise in autism rates.

One of the latest examples of this meddling mindset involves a New Jersey...9/21/2016 - Following the publishing of accredited heavy metals test results showing the majority of Shilajit products containing concerning levels of lead, a toxic heavy metal, today I am officially urging health product retailers nationwide to pull all Shilajit products delivering over 1 microgram of lead per...9/21/2016 - The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has just published heavy metals tests results for eight of the most popular brands of Shilajit, a black tar-like substance that oozes out from between the rocks of mountains. The latest demonstration of humanity's truly idiotic self-destruction was demonstrated earlier this week when Dorchester County, South Carolina, decided to conduct...8/25/2016 - When the criminal, corrupt government isn't covering up high levels of lead in the public water supply, they're forcing children to be injected with toxic mercury via flu shots.

While the FDA occasionally forces recalls of high lead products such as contaminated turmeric root powder, by and large the...8/12/2016 - Just two weeks after the release of my new book Food Forensics, which identifies dangerous levels of lead contamination in turmeric products, the FDA has taken bold enforcement action on the subject.

The drug in question, clenbuterol, is banned for use in the United...11/12/2016 - A company called u Biome is launching a new service that will allow people to conduct genetic screenings of the bacteria found in their fecal matter, to help identify whether their gut flora are out of balance and making them ill.

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