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But in order to send messages you need the premium membership.

If you get the VIP membership you'll be able to add someone to your private VIP guest list and they will be able to talk to you even if they haven't paid for a Premium account.

This means that you can chat, flirt and even meet up with people wherever you happen to be.


Due to the sizable Polish population in the UK, there will be a lot of Polish singles that can be found on Polish Hearts.

It is also possible to search depending on language and, of course, is open to those who may not be Polish but may be interested in getting to know someone from Poland.

It will surely contribute to developing your relationship, especially if you are serious about it. Don't concentrate only on sex; there is time for everything. Never forget her birthday, nameday, not to mention the Valentine's Day. Sitting in front of the computer or television screen around the clock will ruin your relationship.

If your girlfriend is not ready for physical relationship, give her more time. Even if she says that it's not important, she surely will rub your nose in your carelessness whenever she gets a chance. Don't brag about your abilities because you may loose her trust if you don't live up to bragging. It means your lack of attention to your girlfriend, her boredom and loneliness. Don't pretend you know the trends in fashion and expect her to live up to your style expectations.

Dating multiple partners is a short-lived trend that will end very quickly. Your mean comments will remain in her heart and work against you. If you buy a pet for her birthday, share with her taking care of it; it will double your gift. Your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife does not like to be your mother. After all, you don't know who they are and how much their opinion about you may count. Refrain from discussions about politics and religion with your girlfriend's family members. Current events in sports, weather, movies, or even sex may be better for a social meeting. They hardly want to spend every weekend in a disco or boring movies.

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