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'Alexa was still seeing me, still texting me and going to hotel rooms.

Clearly she was just doing it to keep me there hanging on.'The court heard how Miss Lees believed Collier was 'playing with her emotions' and told her she no longer wanted to be 'messed about'.

Despite the break up, the court heard they met up for a tryst in a hotel room.

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Alexa Collier, 26, who previously taught at an independent girls school, was accused of attacking personal trainer Nicola Lees, 28, after Miss Lees turned up unexpectedly on the doorstep of Miss Collier's family home one evening.

A court heard Miss Lees, who had been fed up of not going public during their three year on-off relationship, decided to reveal the truth of their romance to Miss Collier's parents.

She said the doorstep confrontation occurred last July after Collier posted messages on Snapchat and Instagram which Miss Lees perceived as an attempt to 'wind her up.'Miss Lees told the jury: 'I went to her house with the intention to sort everything out and speak to her mum and get out what we had been doing for many years.

My aim of going round was to put everything straight with her mum.'But Miss Collier said: 'She became obsessed with our relationship and wanted my parents to know, and she was jealous of my relationship with my mum as we are very close.

A 'besotted' Harry, 32, met the actress at a charity event and sent her messages until she said she would meet up with him - and, following a number of dates the pair are now said to be 'serious' about one another.

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