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Select the new "LINQ" option in the dialog box and name the resulting designer will then display the available LINQ to SQL Data Context classes that your application can use (including those in class libraries that you are referencing): We'll want to select the data model we created with the LINQ to SQL designer earlier.

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For this scenario we'll want to select the "Products" entity class we built.

We'll also want to select the "Advanced" button and enable updates and deletes for the datasource: When we click the "Finish" button above, VS 2008 will declare a to point to it (via its Data Source ID property).

The approach demonstrated in issue ID: Q132070 - hide edit button for some rows is not based on the datasource type in any way. Have now managed to get this working with your help.

However I've attached sample project that demonstrates this approach and uses Object Data Source. One further point though, the borders around the cells which contain the hidden command controls are also removed.

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