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Break up the city into various areas, and then work from area to area. Take a free walking tour – New Europe runs a long and informative walking tour that begins at the Brandenburg Gate and lasts 3.5 hours.It takes you through the center of the city, shows you all the highlights, gives you some history, and will help you orient yourself.

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), kebabs, and quick pizzas, either — even the restaurants here are a bargain. The exaggerations are true — the lemon, the mint, the fresh vegetables! A giant section of the Berlin Wall was left standing, and artists were invited to paint a section of it that represented hope and violence. They represented an important part of the population even though they were highly discriminated against.

You can find a lot of meals for less than five euros. Now, the East Side Gallery is one of the best outdoor art exhibits in Berlin. This museum traces the arrival of Jews and their contributions throughout German history, as well as the hardships they faced.

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