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by  |  16-Jun-2016 05:52

Only one guy out of about the ten men present actually, you know, the air.

The rest of the men made wimpy limp gestures that no more resembled a punch than a ballet pliet resembles a hip hop dance move.

Of course, there are countless SNAG traits, and this list could surely be extended, but why reinforce a kind of male species that is most likely headed for extinction.

Afterall, if we women stop wandering around playing the dom new age priestess (DNAP, another article) then surely sensitive new age men will run out of mating options and go the way of the Dodo bird.

The other day I ventured into a SNAG habitat, a full moon cacao ceremony (think molten chocolate imbibed like communiion wine in a priestess-lead circle).

Even though I was pretty sure most of the men there were SNAGS, it wasn’t until the sacred dance portion of the evening—when the priestess asked us to punch the air while we danced—my suspicions were confirmed.

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