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The faster the curves become, the more you can feel its weight advantage over the Beemer, and the more it feels like it might steer a little more accurately with a 180-series tire on back, like the BMW has, instead of the 190mm wide Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Ducati gives it.

Right alongside it, the R1200R rider is experiencing the same crisp climate-change fall day in the 90s as he swoops effortlessly along.

Thumb ESA from Dynamic to Road (there’s no Touring), turn on the cruise control and set it easily with your left thumb, and it’s hard to see how life could get much better if you’re a person who likes to ride smooth, comfortable, powerful motorcycles.

The big Twin hunts and pecks a bit till the tach on the hard-to-read TFT display gets past about 3000 rpm, then takes off like Usain Bolt!

Maybe I’m getting old, but it feels like the Monster wants to wheelie over backwards any time you open the throttle more than about halfway in any of the lower three gears.

By Polly Lynn Mikula This years Spartan Beast at The Beast (a.k.a.

Motorcycle dating in vt

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