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Such experiences fuelled the intensely creative 10-year period following Peter Rabbit that made her rich and famous.

'There are so many contradictions in terms of what she hoped for in her life, and the choices she made,' Renée Zellweger explains.

'It made for a fascinating journey to find the best way to be accurate.'Potter was only ever known for her art, never her life, and yet it is her life, with a tragic love story at its centre, that transforms our preconception of the dumpy old Potter into the stuff of a Hollywood film.

For on July 25, 1905, when Potter was 39 and had written off any hope of finding love beyond that which she felt for her animals (she kept rats, mice, hedgehogs, rabbits, the original inspiration for Hunca Munca, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Mrs Tittlemouse, and so on), her publisher, Norman Warne (played in the film by Ewan Mc Gregor), asked for her hand in marriage. Forty years later her biographer Margaret Lane wrote, 'The friendship with Norman, the sharing of ideas, the long easy sympathetic correspondence, had become the pivot on which her inner life now turned, and only her intense reserve concealed from everyone, even from her watchful parents, the depth of feeling which the relationship had stirred.'Potter accepted, only to meet fierce objection from her parents, who refused to sanction the union on the grounds of class.

Miss Potter became a reality only when Zellweger committed to the part.

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