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on Isle Dormignonne, Nancy can once again think for herself. A street hardened fifteen year old that wakes up in the hospital.

She can even face her memories, and think clearly about her life in a trance as the mind controllers’ obedient pawn. Johnny and Cyndi have been best friends since, forever. Johnny would love it if their relationship went beyond mere friendship, except Cyndi prefers women. The last thing he remembers is walking out of a bar in Los Angles, but now he’s in Michigan and does not know how he got there.

Amy, the manager at a 5 Star Hotel also has a unique skill. However, it is a skill she swore she would not use. Eei and Gee, are perfectly happy as a trio with their sister Cei, Cei, however, wants to expand to a quartet with Be, but Eei and Gee find Be’s tone leaves them both flat.

Faithful to her promise for over six years, Amy witnesses something in the hotel lounge that will test her resolve, or will it? Be, however, shows how sharp his truly is, refines his pitch, and Eei and Gee both to face the music.

So why does she feel so unsettled by the way everyone at the institute where she works is behaving?

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