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“I read my adoption papers when I found out,” he says. That’s really awkward.” Once, he asked his mom why she hadn’t told him the truth. Branden says he was always interested in entertaining, and good at determining what worked.

“It said a lot about my mom, but not her name, nothing I could contact. In one old photo, where he can’t be older than 9, he wears an unkempt black wig.

After the scent-smelling session, we drive his Chrysler to a strip mall full of chain stores a couple miles away; it’s only Thursday, but he makes an exception.

He’s dressed in sweatpants, a Polo cap, and white Air Jordan slides with socks.

“I thought I was going to blow up on You Tube, like him, because I thought I was funnier.” At school, he struggled with telling friends he was gay. “I went to high school in drag with one of my friends and it shocked everyone,” he says. And for several months after, he dressed as a woman every day.

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