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In this episode of Some of the Parts, you'll hear stories of walking the streets (and grocery store aisles) of Boise while openly, obviously, visibly Muslim.

LGBT people experience homelessness in disproportionately high numbers and Boise is no exception.

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The tent camp in an alley called Cooper Court put homelessness at the forefront of Boise’s collective conscience like nothing else had in recent memory.

In episode two of Some of the Parts, we check in with some of its residents one year after Boise Police cleared the alley.

Reporter-turned-podcaster Adam Cotterell tells the stories of some of the small groups of people that are part of Idaho. Or in some cases, maybe you didn't even know they existed.

We've got eight exciting episodes to share and we'll be dropping them every Thursday afternoon, starting April 6.

In this debut episode, what happens when you’re part of two communities that don’t get along?

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