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A self-made millionaire and the founder of the Foundation for Law And Government (FLAG).

is programmed for self-preservation, making him a ruthless and unpredictable threat.

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Stars on Just Tattoo of Us agree to let friends pick inkings for them – and only get to see it once it’s done.

As our exclusive snap shows, Jude picked a webcam with horns to remind Sam of his sex tape shame.

A fan once asked where I sat in the car.“He thought I was in the trunk or something.

So I had to explain I’d done my bit in a studio.”Classic episodes of Knight Rider kick off on Forces TV on Tuesday at 10pm.-------------- Just Tattoo Of Us X Factor hunk Sam Callahan has had a permanent reminder of his sex tape scandal inked on his hip.

You can see how he reacts in tomorrow’s show at 10pm on MTV.-------------- Peaky Blinders Olympia Valance wants to swap Ramsay Street for Birmingham.

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