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My dentist finally did some research for me and prescribed dexamethasone. I get them in my throat too and I gargle with it and it works for those too! The solution is very simple yet it is so effective.It's a liquid mouth rinse and I take a teaspoon 4x a day and if I do this as soon as I feel one coming on, it goes away within one day. I do get mouth ulcers occasionally i do not know the reason of getting them more frequently than others.

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The medical profession have no answers except for the fact that Chrones disease & Aptuous ulcers are linked.

Without going into my life story of mouth ulcers but suffice to say that I have tried nearly everything mentioned and I still got them.

I made a discovery approx 6 months ago which is definitely worth a try.

I discovered that CHOCOLATE was a suspect in my hunt for a cure.

If you do, even a small amount, what on a biscuit or even a chocolate covered raisin,, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut it out immediately & wait a week or so.. I have continued to have severe mouth and throat ulcers but I think I've finally found something that works!!!!

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