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Have you ever had the occasion to stumble upon a TV personality's real e-mail address? Deanna Casaluce's (Alex on Degrassi) e-mail address, to be specific. August 2nd, 2007 · people · whoo · Comments (10) Meet Deanna Casaluce. I'm way too old to admit to watching Degrassi, so I'll just say I watch her. There are minor issues with Alex and Paige's romance, as far as it being an accurate representation of what two 19-20 year-olds would do, but Paige is pretty uptight, so some of it excusable.

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February 7, 1986 in Mississauga, Ontario) is a Canadian actress best known for having portrayed Alex Nuñez on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Later, she got a role on The Devil's Diary as Georgia along with her Degrassi co-star Miriam Mc Donald.

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