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The chronicle of Abu'l-Feda, also known as Bar Hebrus, was written in the early 14th century.

Its author was a junior member of the Ayubite dynasty which provided rulers of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Syria from the mid-12th century until the Mongol conquest in the 13th century.

This document shows the Arab and Turkish rulers in western Asia and north Africa, from about the 11th century.

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Its coverage is broadly similar but it includes more detail on the lives of the atabeg rulers of Mosul, and less on the Ayubid dynasty.

It includes particulars of some marriages which are not mentioned in Abul-Feda.

Prince Taksony gave him dwelling-land in the parts of the Kemej up to the River Tisza where the village of Abd-rv stands".

The Kumans or Kipchaks originated near the great eastern bend in the Yellow River.

The author was Abu'l-Hassan Ali, son of Abu'l-Karim Mohammed Athir ed-Din es-Cheibani el-Djezeri, who received the title Eizz ed-Din, and is sometimes referred to as Ibn-Alatyr.

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