Invalidating a european patent

by  |  23-Sep-2017 17:26

On the other hand, it will not become ‘easier’ to patent innovations.

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In addition, where existing European patents are treated by courts as a bundle of national patents as far as validity and infringement issues are concerned, the EU patent will constitute a unitary title (like its cousins the Community Trademark and the Community Design).

This means that patent holders can now start a single invalidation procedure against patent infringements occuring in different EU member states.

Bacteria are said to be attenuated when they no longer cause a disease, still induce an immune response in a host and are genetically stable.

The patent contained two examples in which a vaccine of the invention was tested in a host animal.

From the drafting of the original patent application, over its prosecution up to grant, to the negotiation of license agreements and the enforcement of the patent against infringers, the intervention of qualified professionals such as patent attorneys and lawyers and use of the court system will often be necessary.

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