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A whole herd of cows take over Africa, enslave the native cows and declare their superiority over the native cows.

Your cows become the co-presidents of their colony, the native cows hate the new cows and the economy goes bankrupt, the government goes corrupt and the native cows and new cows become segregated.

Meanwhile you are powerless and starts to blame Sweden. You think a few pages might have fallen out, but they all seem to be in there. It is illegal to grow milk, sell milk, or drink milk.

Norway hates you for taking over Norway over hundreds of years ago so they don't enter the E. Meanwhile again Sweden refuses to listen to you so all you can do now is to add this to Uncyclopedia. However, if you have less than 5 grams of milk on you, the police won't arrest you. They never speak to you, but they occasionally may send a SMS to you.

For 5 euros, you can have sex with one of the cows. They go to sauna every day naked and swim in a lake no matter whether it is either winter or summer. You are scared of Russia right next to you, and you think that it's better to just hide them into your small basement. Part of the smaller cow wants to be friends with the bigger cow but the other part of him just wants to break his kneecaps. One you give to the government to protect you, and the other is blown up because you accidentally left it in a public place.

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