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When the Norsemen’s oracle deems that Ahmed needs to accompany the Vikings on their journey, the poet has serious doubts.But they do in fact depend on him, and he becomes a critical part of their team.

Make Eye Contact In , Ahmed tends to look the wild Norsemen right in the eye when he speaks—particularly at the intense moment when he reveals he can understand them.

Making eye contact shows someone that you’re interested in what they are saying and that you’re part of the conversation.

Bring along a picnic if you think you’ll get hungry.

This is a great option if you feel the need to keep things informal at first. This isn’t Used books or music store: These joints provide plenty of opportunity to get to know a person.

It’s very much like going on a first date: you don’t really know the person you’re with, and while you probably do speak her language, you don’t know a whole lot about what she’s into and what she wants to talk about. As you prepare for an exciting excursion into the unknown, let’s absorb these lessons, and prime your social skills in one seriously bad-ass way. But then comes an important imoment: One of the Vikings, having insulted the poet’s mother, is shocked when the poet returns the insult with an equally brutal quip.

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