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He helped me set up a fake Facebook account to explore gay Yangon from my mobile phone. He asked me about my age, location and different sexual preferences such as my ‘role’. Without any sexual education offered to me by my school or my family, it was pretty overwhelming.But soon enough I had many friends on my new Facebook account and my conversations varied from the personal to the more risqué.

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“We used to go to the cinema, have lunch together, hang out at Botahtaung Jetty and hold hands,” he said.

Ko Lin Thu then created an account on Facebook, which he still uses.

A racial hierarchy emerges in the reciprocating process.

Women respond only to men of similar or more dominant racial status, while nonblack men respond to all but black women.

Significantly, the authors find that education does not mediate the observed racial preferences among white men and white women.

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