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Of course you can also use regular tomatoes, just slice them in quarters if they are large.

*Scoop out most of the seeds and sprinkle with salt and leave them skin side up so that the excess liquid from the tomatoes can drain out. Drain off any moisture that has gathered in the tomato halves.

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For comparison, most of the samarium in the Universe contains 90 neutrons.

Because of their peculiarity, these nuclei can be produced only by some particular chains of nuclear reactions that can enrich matter in protons relatively to neutrons.

In the same way, stars that lived before the formation of the Solar System and the time when they died have been discovered thanks to the radioactive imprint they left in the very first solids that formed in the Solar System.

A team led by Maria Lugaro, a Momentum project leader of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Konkoly Observatory in Budapest, in collaboration with other Hungarian, Italian, and German astrophysics and nuclear physics researchers, has used two radioactive nuclei to discover two stellar dinosaurs.

The next day, check the level of the oil and add more to the jars if the tomatoes are poking out of the oil.

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