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He also warned that her lies would “increase the likelihood of guilty men going free”.

He said: “Cases such as this bring a real risk that a woman who has been sexually assaulted may not complain to police for fear of not being believed.” Madeleine Wolfe, QC, prosecuting, said the false allegations spanned three years and began with a 2010 claim against a man she seduced after he offered her a lift.

Police say in the video she asks if the camera is on, to which Mc Avoy replies "my charger is on, it's charging."Charges were filed against Mc Avoy Thursday, Sept. Reached Thursday, Mc Avoy's attorney, Chris Ferro, said Mc Avoy is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Tuesday, Oct.

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A second man fled the country after Beale turned up at court to gloat at him.

London’s Southwark Crown Court heard that she made up the assaults for attention and to make her lesbian lover jealous.

In the texts, Mc Avoy tells her he still has the pictures and videos of her, and when she asked if he was threatening to post them somewhere, police say he responded "maybe."He then tells her he will send the roughly 20 videos and 15 pictures to her parents, documents allege.

Police say he sent her a picture of a collage of the images on his computer screen.

The court heard she still insists the attacks happened, despite overwhelming evidence.

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