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Most of the gear theyd need was stored in the garage.

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The mattress was a double size, they could both sleep on it, and of course they had separate sleeping bags.

He packed his Jeep Cherokee on the first, theyd take off early the next morning, it was a four hour drive.

He stowed their gear and got out the air mattress saying, For you Mom, I thought your back would appreciate it. Well, we gotta share, I only brought one but its big enough for two sleeping bags.

She winked at him, And I get to sleep with a young man, now that does bring back memories.

With packs on their on their backs the headed for the wilderness; Tommy was doing the heavy lifting but he could, he was 62 tall and a slender but powerful 180 pounds. Trees had new spring leaves, wildflowers were in bloom, it was a pretty trek.

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