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Is there a dark plasma ocean full of life which interacts differently with the forces of gravity and light than we do?

The reason I am thrilled by the potential truth that Earth’s dark halo is home to another entire world of consciousness and therefore to life itself, is that here is the full realization of Science and Spirit not contradicting each other but instead coming together to form a larger truth which offers a vastly greater perception of reality itself!

I remember a case I investigated in San Diego in the early 1980s: the car involved in a UFO close encounter possessed the opposite magnetic charge than before the encounter.

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Sex is often referred to as the life force energy that runs through us all.

This energy is one which when repress or suppress can zap a person of their vitality as well as negatively affect their outlook of life.

Rubbing a balloon on dry fur (or hair) generates about 20,000 volts. You want to work on a clean, dry, static free surface.

In most home situations, a cleared-off kitchen table provides the best place to work.

Once the static is discharged, we then just need to not accumulate any more while we're working inside the machine.

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