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(The colors may vary depending on the guitar you're working on.The hot wire is the one connected to the lug.) These are the pickup connections. Do not cut the wires, just touch the soldering iron to the solder joint while very gently pulling on the wire.

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Epiphone sheraton dating and information

Cut the new pickup cable to the length of the old pickup cable or coil it neatly in the pot cavity. ) Gibson '57 Classic, '57 Classic Plus, P-90, and P-100 pickups all feature vintage two-conductor wiring. Skin back the shield (wire mesh) to reveal the hot lead wire.

All that's left to do now is to strip and prepare the new leads and solder them in place the same way the old ones were. Strip the end of the hot wire back 1/8" using your wire stripper or a razor blade.

Changing out your guitar's pickups is so simple you can do it yourself.

All you need is a soldering iron and some rosin-core solder, a Phillips Head screwdriver, and a wire stripper.

It's a fully reversible operation; I installed, extensively tested, and changed out six pickups in the same guitar in one afternoon with no mishaps. Looking at the guitar held in playing position, the top row of knobs are the volume and tone controls for the rhythm (neck) pickup.

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