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These passions, along with his vast experience with a uniquely wide range of students and his evident creativity, have combined to create some of the most interesting, innovative, and effective teaching materials in mathematics.They have changed my approach to teaching teachers, and I thank Herb and his collaborators for their generous sharing of these materials. - Professor Gross we cant thank you enough for the noble service that you are rendering to the society.

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I am 40 year old and have started studying mathematics to make a career in Machine learning. Meaney Herb is a great man with a clear understanding and love of math.

I started following your videos on MIT OCW and then searched for more and found this site. Thank you for helping us to understand mathematics. More importantly though, is that Herb loves people--especially children with a need.

Would someone for the love of God please explain this, and explain also what is algebra? I love the way you say "Hi" in the begining of lectures. This is the best set of lectures to really understand where Mathematics comes from.

Ok that's 2 questions Thanks Professor Gross you are GOD of mathematics, you are just awesome, you actually teach what mathematics is all about, where did it come from. I have no words to thank you for your 1970 Revisited Classes about Calculus. Your course has always the exact word at the exact time !!! I am a 23 old guy who likes calculus, probability and stochastic processes.

Read More - You have no idea how much hope your MIT Calculus videos have inspired in me.

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