Direct dating for women

by  |  06-Jun-2016 16:06

If you think different styles may be causing some tension in your relationship, you may want to consider taking a slightly different approach when communicating with your partner. In fact, it shouldn't be because a dramatic change will probably come across as superficial and will feel uncomfortable for you.

Their conversations tend to be more direct, assertive, and challenging, and when it comes to decision-making, they prefer to make decisions on their own without much or any input from others.

To figure out which way you tend to lean when communicating, ask yourself these questions: The way you answer should tell you something about your style.

They don't immediately (or in some extreme cases, ever) say exactly what they want, need, or feel.

Examples of indirect communication are: "The school is pretty far from the house," or something a little less indirect like, "I wish we lived a little closer to the school." The former statement is nothing more than a statement; it doesn't convey a need or a want.

After all, we're all talking the same language, aren't we? As Tannen notes, we all have unique communication styles, influenced by many factors such as age, culture, and geography (to name only a few).

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